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  • Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Final 2014

    01 décembre 2014 ( #Sport )

    It's been a while since I wanted to shoot break-dancing performances - it's particularly challenging to me as you don't have much control of the angles (these events being so crowded, it is sometimes hard to be located at the best spot to shoot), you...

  • Taipei Biennial 2014 (年台北雙年展)

    24 octobre 2014 ( #Art, #Taiwan )

    Titled The Great Acceleration, Taipei biennial 2014 refers to the idea of the Anthropocene, our geological era, marked by the effects of human activities on our biosphere, and shows how contemporary art expresses a new contract among human beings, animals,...

  • Tai Long Wan 大浪灣 escape busy HK

    20 décembre 2015 ( #HK, #Zen-Nature, #Sport )

    Elena, a friend of mine, had posted pictures of these amazing beaches last august 2014 and since then, I always meant to go there myself to appreciate with my own eyes the beauty of this bay. Based in Taiwan and then Paris, I got the chance to visit about...

  • Dragon's back hike 龍脊

    21 avril 2016 ( #HK, #sport )

    Distance: Around 7km Duration: 2h + the rest of the day to chill out on the beach Easy hike. One of the most popular in HK. Try to go on a clear day as the view from the top is supposed to be amazing. We sadly didn't enjoy as it was hazy that day... The...

  • cities

    28 décembre 2014 ( #Urban-Design-Architecture )

    Paris, France Central, HK London, UK Taipei, Taiwan Seattle, USA

  • Dim sum (點心) all day long

    31 mars 2016 ( #HK, #Goor-muhn-deez )

    For brunch or dinner / date or group dinners Paradise Dynasty My top choice as the interior design at causeway bay restaurant is very fancy and intimate. The specialty of this Singaporean restaurant is their Xiao Long Baos in eight colors made with natural...

  • Teapot 茶壺山 /Banping 半平山 Hike

    30 mai 2016 ( #Taiwan )

    If there was only one hike I would have to recommend while you are in Taipei, it would be the Teapot 茶壺山-Banping mountain 半平山 close to Jiufen. The actual hike, which is about 11km, is not challenging but fun with some rock/rope climbing parts. Because...

  • Dashan Hotspring on a pouring day - Wulai (烏來)

    11 octobre 2014 ( #Taiwan, #nature travel )

    The hidden gem hunt continues and it seems like it's an endless one in Taiwan. We decided to explore Wulai, which is a village mountain South Taipei, about 1h30 from the center. It's the perfect place for a getaway weekend destination or just a day trip,...

  • bike ride Taipei-Tamsui (淡水)

    16 septembre 2014 ( #Taiwan )

    some snapshots taken during the ride Nice bike ride as you cycle most of the time along the river and there are bike paths from Taipei to Tamsui so very easy and enjoyable. It is about 55/60KM round trip - day trip. Beautiful landscapes along the way...

  • Wilson trail stage 1 衛奕信徑

    21 avril 2016 ( #HK, #Sport )

    Distance: About 5KM Duration: 1h40 Incredible views.This hike covers two mountains "The Twins" and the hike actually starts at another mountain, called Violet Hill. Good work-out...with a 1000 steps section. Don't forget to bring bottles of water. How...

  • CT coffee & coconuts

    20 octobre 2015 ( #amsterdam )

    Former movie theater building. Opened in 2014 in the De Pijp neigbourhood. Raw scandinavian design with an industrial touch. Large space but the owners managed to keep it cozy & warm. It's a good spot to chill out anytime during the day but my preferred...

  • On the way to the top - Victoria Peak 太平山頂

    31 mars 2016 ( #HK )

    Although it is called the "morning trail", taking this path to reach the top of Victoria peak on early evening is also a great alternative to admire the city lights. Starting near HK University on Hatton Road, this trail is easily accessible and with...

  • Showing the glass sailboat in a new light

    19 juin 2016 ( #Art )

    It was a weekend to explore the places I meant to go for ages. The weather was cooperative enough to add the surreal dimension of this building #fondationlouisvuitton, completed in 2014 - designed by the architect #frankgehry. This cultural institute...

  • Maokong Hike (Taiwan)

    05 octobre 2014 ( #Taiwan, #Sport )

    Located in Wenshan district, Maokong is south east Taipei, very close to the subway "zoo Station". Popular for the tea culture, the amazing views of the city and the few hike trails all over the area.

  • 池上 Chishang - Taiwan

    07 janvier 2015 ( #Taiwan )

    Chishang 池上 (also written Shishang) was one of the highlights of my trip to the east coast of Taiwan. Judy, my ex-Taiwanese colleague from Beijing introduced me to this town, located in Taitung county. We had met up last November in a lovely pastry/coffee...

  • An afternoon at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei)

    21 octobre 2014 ( #Taiwan )

    MoCa is the first museum in Taiwan to be dedicated exclusively to contemporary art 台北當代藝術館 (Táiběi Dāngdài Yìshùguǎn) 台北市大同區103長安西路39號 I NO.39 Chang-An West Road Taipei, Taiwan 103 +886 2-2552-3721 高磊 Gao Lei - WINDOWSKY

  • Myia Sweets Coffee 米亞甜點

    21 octobre 2014 ( #Taiwan )

    Opened last June, this small coffee shop is perfect for a coffee break right after a visit at MOCA, the contemporary art museum in Taipei (Datong District). Amazing cakes as well! Location: 南京西路64巷26-1號1樓 Myia Coffee (Taipei)

  • La pause 衝浪

    13 janvier 2015 ( #Taiwan )

    Wushi Beach, Taiwan

  • daily lives

    17 janvier 2015 ( #Brasil )

    Rocinha Favela, Rio - Brasil

  • dive into softness - chin chin

    22 mars 2016 ( #France )

    Chin Chin is a hand-knitted scarves brand recently launched by a friend Karine. Like her, the style of the scarves is simple and timelessly elegant. By selecting the finest materials and sticking with a mastered hand-made technique, the quality of the...

  • Discovering Yilan (Taiwan)

    05 octobre 2014 ( #Taiwan )

  • lower lake of bois de boulogne

    17 octobre 2016 ( #France, #Zen-Nature )

    Bois de Boulogne, second largest park in Paris on the west side of Paris 16th district. It was Napoléon's idea to have lakes in this park, like in Hyde Park in London, "to give life to this arid promenade". The upper and lower lake receive their water...

  • Chantier Sud Sanlitun

    22 juillet 2010 ( #Art )

    They are working on the mixed-used commercial and residential project in South Sanlitun. It will have 5 shopping malls, 9 office/apartments buildings, a roller skating rink...Sometimes, I feel it is not Kengo Kuma the artist (the Japanese Architect) but...

  • North Tribute restau - In the kitchen

    24 juillet 2010 ( #Goor-muhn-deez )

    Pictures taken for Localnoodles website. After I took pictures, the owner (from California) offered me dinner - anything I wanted, which I thought, was very nice. The restaurant was one of the many businesses that closed in 2009 and this year. Reasons...

  • Black Sesame cooking school

    24 juillet 2010 ( #Goor-muhn-deez )

    I took some pictures for the website Local Noodle. Jen Lin-Liu founded this school and offers cooking classes. It was a saturday afternoon, maybe 6 persons and my favorite to watch was the chef, who had concentrated and passionate eyes, and a big smile...

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