dive into softness - chin chin

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dive into softness - chin chin

Chin Chin is a hand-knitted scarves brand recently launched by a friend Karine. Like her, the style of the scarves is simple and timelessly elegant.

By selecting the finest materials and sticking with a mastered hand-made technique, the quality of the scarves is incredible and as soon as you try on the scarf, you are just falling in love with the softness surrounding your neck...

The Infinity scarves collection promises to keep you warm for winter and with the new unveiled cotton line available for spring, you will just want to wear a Chin Chin scarf all year long!

What I really enjoyed was to be able to create and customize my own scarf from the materials to the different colors. Karine accompanies you during the whole process and with her intuitive sense of fashion, she can guide you and make sure you end up with a unique design made just for you.

Get in touch with chinchin for more details through the official facecook page.

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