Dashan Hotspring on a pouring day - Wulai (烏來)

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The hidden gem hunt continues and it seems like it's an endless one in Taiwan. We decided to explore Wulai, which is a village mountain South Taipei, about 1h30 from the center.

It's the perfect place for a getaway weekend destination or just a day trip, depending on what you are looking for.

Best things to do there: Hike in the mountains (many trails in this area) & Soak in a hot spring.

There are many indoor and outdoor hot spring options, from very cheap to high end "spa" resorts.

The perfect day would be to wake up early, go for a hike there, relax in a hot spring in the afternoon and end up with a BBQ dinner. Ideally, avoid the weekends and the national holidays.

Dashan Hot spring review

Remote from the main busy touristic street, up in the mountains, not too many foreigners there, cheap (200NTD/day), open until midnight, gorgeous view of the mountains, 3 small pools and one large hot spring pool (largest I have seen so far), and a BBQ place available (you need to bring your own food).

You can sleep there but I am not sure how nice are the rooms, the facilities of this place being still "local". We met a Taiwanese woman there suggesting to stay at the hotel next door, as it had much more comfortable rooms.

How to get there

MRT to Xindian Station (Xindian line). Exit "Beyin Road". Take the bus number 849, with destination name 烏來 Wu Lai at the bus stop in front of the station. The bus journey takes about 40 minutes (longer on weekends) and costs NT$40. If you are using the EasyCard, remember to tap both when you are getting on and getting off. Wulai is the last stop, so you can enjoy the journey without worrying when to get off. A seat on the right side of the bus allows views over the river.

To get to Dashan: http://goo.gl/maps/lwCf2 -

大山溫泉民宿 - 233, Taïwan, 新北市烏來區環山路127號

+886 2 2661 7641

大山溫泉民宿 大山溫泉民宿 大山溫泉民宿
大山溫泉民宿 大山溫泉民宿
大山溫泉民宿 大山溫泉民宿
大山溫泉民宿 大山溫泉民宿 大山溫泉民宿


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